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Details to consider before buying a house:

The following procedures will be itemized, are always supervised by FINQUESMAR, but if you decide to buy another particular agency or, should consider at least the following recommendations: 

- If you are not Spanish resident may request the NIE (tax identification number for foreigners) in a Spanish consulate in your country or make an appointment at the following link https://sede.administracionespublicas.gob.es/icpplus/index.html . Depending on the region of Tarragona where you buy you should choose one of the three police stations which states: Tortosa, Reus and Tarragona; for it will request a photocopy of all pages of your passport or identity card along with the original force and should not be communal, photocopy and original of valid visa; a document stating that you will buy in Spain that it can provide a notary or real estate agency, and the EX15 completed form that you can print it by clicking the following link: FORM NIE.: NIE FORM


We as real estate can help you fill out the forms and accompany him to the police station. The cost of NIE rates is 9.27 € to be done through the bank, at the time of application will hand over an interim document that will help after 3 days back to the police station to collect the final considering that you can authorize another person to go in her place.
- Remember to buyers who are not resident in the EU must present additional documentation.
- In case of non-resident you also need to open an account at a Spanish bank to make payment to the seller from a Spanish account, they are required by law. SI may also work through internet, because it is easier to track for supplies.
- If the seller is a foreigner is required to pay 3% of the value of sales, amount you must withhold the total purchase price.
- Expenses for the sale are about 12% of the price declared and are related to notary fees, property transfer tax (ITP) and the fees of property registration. Normally this payment is made after signing the sale. The amount is calculated by the notary who requested us that the payment from us for him to pay for you.
- To reserve a property the earnest money contract between the buyer and seller, where the maximum period of execution of the public deed before a notary public is exposed is signed, amounts to account, the final price and also reflected some clauses obliging both buyer and seller to comply with all covenants of the contract, forcing the buyer to purchase the property under the contract before the date agreed risk losing the amount paid if it did not, and forcing the seller to sell the property under contract to the buyer before the start date or return double the amount received if he did not.
- Full payment of the property the day of the deed before a notary is always through a nominative bank check or bank transfer via bank Spain. The notary ensures that the sale is carried out under Spanish law, and acts primarily in the interests of the state and represents neither the buyer nor the seller. Before signing the notary will be proven that the property is registered in the land registry in the name of the seller and if no charges or mortgages must be canceled before the end of the sale. You can request a copy draft of the script before the day of signing for inspection.
- In the area there are several notaries who speak English and French.

- Once finished signing the notary delivers a draft copy writing to all parties needed to make name changes of supplies, municipality, insurance, community owners, alarm, among others.
- After expiry of the approximately three months, we can go to pick up the deed of original and final sale.



In Spain the soil is divided into several types:
- Urban, developable land, building and residential land.
- Rustico, rural land, undeveloped.
- Industrial.
- Forestry.

If you decide that the property you are buying is rustic, ask yourself before venturing to visit, how should the farm:

- What minimal or maximum surface it should have,

- What maximum distance up to the nearest people,

- What type of access they are ready to support (in some cases there are sections not asphalted surfaces and narrow),

- Importance of having water services and light or conformity of alternative services as cisterns or well for the water or solar plates with batteries for the electricity,

- Priority of having conference to the sea or mountain or not,

- Importance of having neighbors to a certain distance or of being totally isolated,
- Preference of the structural condition of the building or the house according to the price; it is to say, it is necessary to do works and to restore to his style or they prefer buying something that it does not need of big works or efforts of rehabilitation,

- Use and surface of the existing building (think that in the majority of the municipalities there is prohibited any modification and / or extension of the existing buildings in rustic soil; only is admitted the maintenance and restoration of the same one),

- Finally, there be fixed a maximum price, (it can be a bit superior to his budget, possessing a possible later negotiation) and initiate the search from this budget to low others.

If the building is urban:
- It must be required that he has bond of habitability and energetic certificate,

- That it does not have loads, and in case a retention of the amount had to do them in the final price of sale to liquidate the same one, (to calculate also the provisions of cancellation of the load).

- Take reading of the book-keepers of the water and the light and check the last invoice to calculate the difference of the day of the purchase and to be able to reach an agreement with the seller for the payment delos supplies in this period.
- If the building has more than 20 years, the company of the electricity is going to request him a bulletin of electrical recognition sent by a competent technician.

- If the building is located in rustic or not urbanizable soil, it is required urban development certificate of the town hall of not having incoado any urban development process.

- To request certificate of current of payments of the owners' community. 

- To request certificate of current of payments of the Town hall where one finds the building.
- Ask to see current state of the property, charges and levies simple note.

Later we attach some links of interest:

Plan the urban development director of the agricultural traditional constructions of Them Terres de l'Ebre

Plan the urban development director of the agricultural traditional constructions of Them Terres de l'Ebre 2




With these criteria of search, you are much more prepared to be going to visit the estates that really adjust to his interest and budget, without having to lose time and bore a project, since the estates are in the habit of being far one of others and are necessary time and dedication for you and on the selling part or Agency.


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